Did you know? ….. Journal of Ehtnopharmacology showed that male cyclists recorded improvement in cycling time trial performance after 12 days of maca supplementation! 🤔

VigRX Organic Maca is a vegetarian capsule with black organic maca sourced from Peru.

Now the big question is does this tweaked formula produce similar results to:

Boost Energy

Have Better Memory and More

Stoke Your Sex Drive

Promote Better Male Fertility


VigRX Organic Bio Maca Review: Better Sex Drive or Not ⁉️

Male enhancement supplements make use of a range of traditional ingredients with various properties claimed to help you in the boudoir.

It’s part of our job here to scythe through the products that make bold, baseless claims so we can bring you those supplements that really work.


VigRX Organic BioMaca comes with both black maca and BioPerine, both reputed as beneficial for the bedroom, but we’ll explore today whether the extract lives up to the considerable hype.

Firstly, what is Organic BioMaca and what’s in the stuff?

What is VigRX Organic Bio Maca?

VigRX Organic BioMaca is a vegetarian male enhancement supplement in capsule form.

These capsules contain 2 primary active ingredients:

  • Organic Black Maca
  • BioPerine

Of all the maca available, black maca sourced from Peru has been linked to many claimed benefits including:

  • Overall health and wellness
  • Sex drive
  • Fertility
  • Energy
  • Memory

Added to the black maca is BioPerine. This contains piperine, the active ingredient in black pepper.

As well as packing many other potential health benefits, BioPerine helps other nutrients absorb more efficiently. (1)

The scientific name for maca is Lepidium meyenii. It’s also often informally called Peruvian ginseng since it grows predominantly in the central Andes of Peru.

A cruciferous vegetable laden with nutrients, maca is related to broccoli and cauliflower.

Before we look more closely into what this supplement really does, here’s a snapshot of the primary potential benefits:

VigRX Organic Bio Maca Pros and Cons

  • Could lead to an *increase in sperm count
  • Thought to *boost sexual performance
  • *Increased energy levels and *enhanced stamina in some cases
  • Could lead to a general *improvement in athletic performance
  • Could *strengthen the memory
  • Packed with valuable antioxidants
  • Clinically tested ingredients although more research needed
  • No-quibbles money-back guarantee

  • As with all male enhancement supplements, this stuff isn’t particularly cheap

How Does VigRX Organic Bio Maca Work?

As with any supplement of this nature, you shouldn’t expect an immediate or dramatic effect. By introducing black maca into your system combined with BioPerine to *increase bioavailability of other ingredients, you could bolster the nutrients in your body over time. In order to see how VigRX Organic BioMaca works, we need to have a closer look at what’s in these vegetarian capsules.

How Much Does VigRX Organic Bio Maca Cost?


    • **SALE PRICE $34.99/ea**
    • RETAIL $49.95/ea

    • **SALE PRICE $34.99/ea**
    • RETAIL $49.95/ea

    • **SALE PRICE $36.65/ea**
    • RETAIL $49.95/ea


How Does VigRX Organic Bio Maca Work?

One of the primary concerns with any supplements is safety.

Luckily, you’ve got no real issues with black maca in general or VigRX Organic BioMaca specifically.

Maca was shown in a 2005 study (9) to be completely safe for human consumption. A subsequent study the following year (10) arrived at the same findings.

You should avoid black maca if you suffer from any thyroid problems. The maca root contains goitrogens, a substance that can interfere with thyroid function.

Pregnant and breastfeeding women shouldn’t take maca supplementation either.

What is VigRX Organic Bio Maca Money-Back Guarantee?

Unlike most male enhancement supplements, when you buy into the VigRX line from Leading Edge Health, you’ll be covered by a no quibbles 60-day money-back guarantee.

If you put any of these supplements through their paces for 2 months and you’re not delighted with the results, just return the empty packaging within that timeframe and you’ll get a no-questions refund if that’s what you want.

Perhaps you opted to buy a larger supply of BioMaca. No problem there, just return a combination of used and unopened bottles and you’re all good.

This guarantee alone differentiates these supplements from most of the competition and means you’re making an essentially risk-free purchase.

Who Manufactures VigRX Organic Bio Maca?

VigRX Organic BioMaca is another male enhancement supplement from the laboratories of Leading Edge Health.

You can check out the company website just here.

This is the mailing address:

Leading Edge Health
c/o 100 Fidelitone Way
Elizabethton TN 37643

There’s a customer support number you can call any time during regular office hours toll-free.

Call (North America): 1-866-269-3487

Call (Internationally): +1-604-677-5365

Live customer chat can be useful if you run into any snags.

Where To Buy VigRX Organic Bio Maca?

If you’re sold on the benefits of BioMaca and you’re ready to give supplementation a shot, we’d strongly recommend buying from the official website.

With a number of unscrupulous vendors, you can never be certain of what you’re getting if you deviate from official sources.


While BioMaca might take some time to take effect and the results are subtle, you might experience some serious benefits from adding BioPerine to your system.

Thanks for passing by and come back soon if you need the 411 on the best male enhancement supplements.

👇👇👇 Visit the Official VigRX Organic BioMaca Website👇👇👇


What is black maca?

The maca plant is native to Peru and you can find black maca in both powder form and as supplements. When combined with BioPerine as VigRX Organic BioMaca, you can experience a number of health benefits.

What is BioPerine?

BioPerine is the trademarked name for piperine, the active ingredient in black pepper. Alongisde a number of reported health benefits, BioPerine serves to *increase the bioavailability and absorption of other nutrients. This has earned the substance the nickname of the turbo-charger since it will help you get even more from the other ingredients in the formula.

Have both of these ingredients been scientifically tested on humans?

Absolutely. We’ve noted throughout our review whenever there’s a clinical trial backing up claims and we’ve included a section directly below with details of all these studies.

Although there has been plenty of human research, many studies have involved small samples.

Also, a great deal of research has been performed on animals so the best we can say is that there’s promise, anecdotal evidence and promising findings from initial research.

Why does some of the advertising show a 60-day period for claiming a refund while elsewhere it shows you have 67 days?

The 60 days is the trial period along with 7 days allowed for shipping. If you’re looking for a refund, just make sure you get the package back within this time period. You’ll have no problems getting your money back within this timeframe but there’s zero tolerance after the 67 days are up. Refunds are also limited to one per customer.

How will these supplements come billed on my credit card?

You’ve got no concerns there at all. All purchases will be billed from leadingedgehealth or leminternet so there’s no blatant billing to embarrass you.

Packaging is equally discreet.

You can also rest assured the manufacturer won’t share your information with anyone and won’t bombard you with spam either.

Could VigRX BioMaca really help with fertility?

With fertility, both the quality and the quantity of sperm counts. Maca has been scientifically studied and shown to potentially help with both sperm motility and sperm production. While it can’t be heralded as a miracle cure, there’s undoubtedly a great deal of potential if you use maca supplementation to fight back against any sperm issues leading to fertility problems.

Can VigRX Organic BioMaca *improve the memory?

Maca is used for its believed ability to *boost performance in Peruvian schoolchildren. A study back in 2016 showed there is promise for maca *enhancing brain function. Animal studies have also shown the root extract can be beneficial for memory. Further research is certainly needed here but maca continues to be widely used in Latin America for the purpose of memory *enhancement.

What would you say is the primary benefit of VigRX Organic BioMaca?

It’s tough to isolate since this supplement really is an all-rounder. If pushed to choose one benefit, we’d go with the way it can potentially *increase energy so you can feel the benefit all-round, both in and out of the bedroom.

Why is this supplement so expensive?

Expense is always relative. We’re not saying these capsules are cheap but if you analyze what you hope to get out of these supplements and the tablets deliver, they cease to be an expense and become instead a solid investment. The presence of black maca means you’re paying for an obscure and highly effective ingredient that comes clinically tested to have proven benefits.

How can this supplement help in the bedroom then?

The way in which black maca gives you a helping hand in the bedroom is more down to the way you’ll feel generally energized after taking this supplement. The effects won’t be felt immediately but you should notice a definite upswing in vigor once you’ve been taking maca for a couple months. The fitter and stronger you feel in general, the more you’ll notice the benefit in the bedroom.


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