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vigrx oil

VigRX Oil

Failing to achieve an erection is remarkably frustrating but what makes that sinking feeling even worse?

Well, the more you focus on the problem, the more tension and stress you introduce. It doesn’t work, though.

Perversely, the more you obsess with getting hard, the more elusive it seems to be.

If this is happening to you in the bedroom, you’re certainly not alone. Up to 30 million Americans suffer from erectile dysfunction and the prevalence of this condition only increases with age.

Not only do erectile issues stop you from making love with your partner, it does absolutely for your confidence either.

Don’t think this means you need to take it on the chin, though…

There’s a male enhancement on the market that could put a stop to the demoralizing effects of erectile dysfunction and it comes in the form of VigRX Oil.

If you’re looking for an erection on demand and you don’t want to take the little blue pill, read on to see how Leading Edge Health’s VigRX Oil might be able to help you when it counts…

What Is VigRX Oil?

VigRX Oil contains a mixture of botanical extracts and natural herbs designed to help *combat performance issues in the bedroom.

If you set aside the spurious claims that this oil will alter the length and girth of your penis – we know you wouldn’t fall for that anyway – what can this oil actually deliver?

That’s precisely what we’ll walk you through today so you can make your buying decision with your eyes wide open.

Before anything else, a snapshot summary of the potential benefits and drawbacks of this potent and all-natural oil…


  • The oil isn’t sticky and works well with condoms so you’ll have no compatibility issues
  • You’ll find the water-based solution slips onto the skin with ease
  • Results should be experienced almost immediately thanks to transdermal delivery
  • Natural ingredients dramatically reduce the chance of any side effects
  • You might notice your erections getting *firmer and also possibly *lasting for longer
  • This natural oil could potentially help to *increase the strength and rigidity of your penis
  • VigRX Oil could *reduce the chance of premature ejaculation
  • No known side effects so the worst that will happen is nothing at all


  • Not particularly cheap but the best things in life seldom are
  • Only available on the official website which guarantees quality but gives you no chance to shop around for a bargain
  • Not suitable if you have herpes or any lesions

How Does VigRX Oil Work?

Unlike penis pills, a topical enhancement like VigRX gets straight down to action with no waiting period required.

When you slather on this oil, the formula starts by *increasing the production of nitric oxide which helps the smooth muscles of the penis to relax while blood comes rushing in. This should give you a *harder erection. (1)

Aside from the tried-and-true ingredients, the delivery system used by VigRX Oil plays a significant role in the way it works.

Transdermal delivery (2) is an attractive alternative to oral delivery. This delivery system makes it much easier for your skin to absorb all the oil’s nutrients enabling them to get to work at the root of the problem.

With vitamins, traditional aphrodisiacs, amino acids and herbs, you’ll get no chemicals in this powerhouse formula that gets all ingredients working in sync to help *improve the overall quality and reliability of your erection.

And the ingredients, just like with any truly effective male enhancement supplement, are where VigRX Oil stands apart from the competition.

What’s in this formula then and how does that help with sexual stamina and erection quality?

What’s In This Stuff?

Packed with herbal and natural ingredients from Europe, Asia and South America, here are some of the potent ingredients you’ll find in VigRX Oil:

  • Catuaba Bark Extract: A famous Brazilian aphrodisiac, catuaba bark extract is believed to help *increase libido (3). Alongside well-documented antibacterial and antiviral properties, catuaba bark extract can also *stimulate your nervous system and dilate blood vessels. This can ensure you’ve got enough energy for the bedroom while also, in some cases, *strengthening erections.
  • Epimedium Extract: Also known as horny goat weed, epimedium extract has been used for centuries for its believed ability to *boost libido. The active ingredient of epimedium is icariin. Icariin can *increase erectile function (5) and also serves to *increase levels of nitric oxide. Much like Viagra, epimedium can relax the blood vessels. Unlike the blue pill, though, you shouldn’t suffer from any unwanted side effects.
  • Ginkgo Biloba Extract: Ginkgo biloba also supplies your body with nitric oxide which ultimately dilates your blood vessels. By doing so, blood flow to various body parts (including the penis) is *optimized. As well as *improving vascular blood flow, ginkgo might also *encourage smooth muscle relaxation down in the corpus cavernosum. Hundreds of studies over the years (6) have shown ginkgo could benefit the body in many ways. As well as *enhancing vitality and mental alertness, ginkgo can also *improve peripheral circulation and oxygenation with no nasty side effects.
  • Hawthorn Berry Extract: Packed with bioflavonoids that dilate and relax the arteries, hawthorn berry can *raise blood flow and send more oxygen to various parts of the body including down below. Bioflavonoids are potent antioxidants that send more oxygen and blood to the heart and other areas.
  • Korean Red Ginseng Extract: Many studies have shown ginseng to be an aphrodisiac capable of generally *increasing blood flow to the genitals. Asian ginseng, also known as Panax ginseng, is also used for its perceived ability to *improve erectile dysfunction (7).
  • L-Arginine: L-arginine is an amino acid used by the body to make nitric oxide. By dilating the blood vessels and also *increasing blood flow down to the penis, you might notice *stronger erections.
  • Muira Puama Extract: Muira puama, also called Ptychopetalum olacoides, is believed to *boost virility and also *enhance libido and potency in men. Although the mechanism of action is unknown, a number of studies have shown an association between this traditional aphrodisiac and *improved performance in the bedroom (8).

How To Use It

Using VigRX Oil couldn’t be much easier so what do you do?

Pop a few drops of the oil onto the head and shaft of your penis directly before you’re about to get intimate with your partner.

As you apply the oil, you’ll feel a warm sensation which indicates the formula is doing its work and the ingredients are being properly absorbed.

Due to the transdermal delivery method, VigRX Oil gets rapidly to work with effects manifesting in 60 seconds flat. With more blood rushing to your extremities, you’ll feel engorged, powerful and primed for action.

Who Manufactures VigRX Oil?

VigRX Oil is manufactured by Leading Edge Health, a highly reputable firm in the sometimes murky supplement industry.

You can get in touch with Leading Edge on the official website right here.

The mailing address is:

Leading Edge Health
c/o 100 Fidelitone Way
Elizabethton TN37643

There’s a toll-free customer care number you can call during regular weekday office hours.

Call (from North America): 1-866-261-6884

Call (internationally): +1-604-677-3533

You can enjoy live chat to get to the bottom of any problems you might have with VigRX Oil.

How Much Does It Cost?

Package What You Get Price
1 Month Package 1 Bottle VigRX Oil $49.95
3 Month Package 3 Bottles VigRX Oil $109.85
6 Month GOLD Package 6 Bottles VigRX Oil and Bonus Gifts Valued at $110 $209.90
12 Month PLATINUM Package 12 Bottles VigRX Oil and Bonus Gifts Valued at $110 $439.45

All packages except a single month’s supply come with free global shipping.

So far, so good but how about if you’re not satisfied with your purchase?

We understand VigRX Oil is not especially cheap but you’ll be covered by a rock-solid guarantee…

How About a Guarantee?

If you test VigRX Oil and you’re not entirely satisfied with the results, all you need to do is return the empty packaging during the first 60 days after purchase.

Refunds will be restricted to one per customer which is understandable. There’s also zero tolerance if you miss the 2-month window of opportunity. If you’re not happy with your purchase, all it will cost you is the return shipping.

Note: If you choose to buy a larger supply of VigRX Oil to benefit from the discount offered, send back a combination of empty packaging and unopened products to qualify for a refund.

Side Effects and Warnings

We’ve saved the best for last, too…

Unlike many male enhancement supplements, there are no known side effects from using VigRX Oil.

With no artificial colorings or flavorings and no synthetic chemicals of any kind, VigRX Oil is generally safe for all skin types.

This topical enhancement is also safe to use with condoms and also during oral sex.

Where To Buy VigRX Oil Online

If you’ve come this far and feel that the properties of VigRX Oil might give you a helping hand in the bedroom, click through on the links below to visit the manufacturer’s website.

vigrx oil

Visit the Official VigRX Oil Website

If you feel one of the other VigRX products might be a better fit, feel free to look around our site where we give you the lowdown on the full stable of Leading Edge Health supplements.

As you’d expect, we do receive a little something if you click through on these links but don’t feel obliged to do so. We’re here to give you everything you need to know about male enhancement supplements not to hit you with the hard sell.

Do come back soon and bookmark our site for the honest lowdown on all things related to male enhancement supplements.

Visit the Official VigRX Oil Website


1) How does this oil work and is it totally safe?

This safe and remarkably gentle oil delivers natural herbal extracts directly to your penis using transdermal delivery. With no known side effects, you can use VigRX Oil safely. As with any male enhancement product, you should always speak with your doctor before embarking on any course of treatment.

2) What’s the difference between an oil and a pill?

You won’t have the hassle of needing to remember to take a pill when you’re using a topical application like VigRX Oil. Designed to efficiently penetrate the deeper layers of penis tissue and the testicles, 95% of the oil is directly absorbed.

3) How does VigRX Oil differ from the competition?

Where so many male enhancement supplements contain a wide array of chemicals, the all-natural formula of VigRX Oil sets it apart. With no reported side effects (as long as you’re not allergic to any of the ingredients) and no adverse effects recorded in Acute Dermal Toxicity tests, you’re in safe hands if you need a jump-start in the bedroom.

4) Is VigRX Oil compatible with condoms?

Absolutely. The oil is water-based and perfectly safe to use with condoms.

5) What’s the transdermal delivery system?

Transdermal delivery is when you apply an oil or gel topically so it will immediately and directly penetrate the skin right through the many layers. Instead of needing to wait for a pill to metabolize, you’ll get a quick and noticeable reaction. When transdermal delivery is used for herbal products, you can also expect the ingredients to become more potent. This is because these ingredients are directly absorbed rather than being degraded by stomach acid.

6) Can you use VigRX Oil safely for oral sex?

You certainly can. With no synthetic chemicals, colors or fragrances, this all-natural oil is safe whatever you get up to in the bedroom.

7) Have the ingredients been clinically tested?

Yes, they have. Many of the herbal ingredients used for VigRX Oil have been used across the world for centuries as aphrodisiacs. When we broke down these ingredients above, we’ve included links to relevant scientific studies so you can see at a glance which of the manufacturer’s claims carry weight.

8) Does the oil leave any kind of greasy residue?

It doesn’t, no. VigRX is smooth and not greasy or oily at all. The water-based formula is designed to absorb rapidly as soon as it’s applied and you won’t be left slathered in grease.

9) If the oil is completely safe, why is it necessary to start with a small patch test?

As with any enhancement product, there’s a slim chance you might be allergic to one or more of the ingredients. You’re much better off finding this out having applied a patch test than covering your entire penis with the oil before discovering you have an allergic reaction.

10) Why does an erection after applying VigRX Oil feel larger and stronger?

Since blood flow to the penis is maximized, you might temporarily feel larger. This is where some less scrupulous manufacturers start making wild and baseless claims about permanent growth which only insults your intelligence and puts you off. Leading Edge Health are quite clear in stating that your penis will not permanently increase in size as a result of using VigRX Oil.

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