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Supplements have quickly become quite popular among people in different age groups, locations, and genders.

Chances are you have used a certain supplement recently, be it a multivitamin or anything else. VigRx Plus is an amazing male supplement designed to alleviate some of the symptoms associated with erectile difficulties among men. This guide will look at the best places to buy the supplement from and what to keep in mind before making the purchase.

In Stores

For most of us, the easiest places to buy supplements include local health stores. Here is a look at some great outlets located all over the country.

Vitamin Shoppe

Vitamin Shoppe [1] is a well-known supplement retail outlet that has been in operation since 1977. The outlet’s long stint in the market has earned it the trust of millions of customers all over the country. Besides visiting the physical store, you can buy supplements from Vitamin Shoppe using their smartphone and browser-based applications. Additionally, you can make use of the store’s extensive team of qualified nutritionists and dieticians to advise you on supplement consumption.


The abbreviation stands for General Nutrition Centers [2], a retail store founded in 1935, although under a different name back then. GNC stocks an extensive range of products, supplements included. Besides the impressive product range, GNC is known to stock only high-quality products, so you can rest assured of the nature of whatever you purchase from the store. Additionally, GNC stores are known for amazing ease of shopping, so if this tops your criteria for choosing a supplement store, you will be right at home in A GNC store.


CVS is undoubtedly one of the most popular drugstores in the entire country. With close to 10,000 outlets in the USA, the chances are that you live near a CVS outlet [3]. The pharmacy is headquartered in Rhode Island and deals in a wide range of health-related products, including vitamins and male supplements such as VigRx Plus. Like other huge retail outlets, you might want to compare supplement prices between CVS and other smaller outlets. You may find some products are marginally pricier while others are cheaper.


The Walgreen Company [4] is the second biggest pharmacy retail chain in the US. It only comes behind CVS, mentioned above. The store stocks a wide range of prescription medicines, health products, and wellness products. By the beginning of 2020, Walgreens had over 9,000 stores in America.


Walmart is known to many as the top one-stop shop for all supplement, grocery, household, and electronics needs. Like some other large retailers, you can choose to purchase your supplements from Walmart physically or use their online platform. You can always look out for amazing pocket-friendly deals that occasionally happen at the stores.

Online Stores

If you, like most people, prefer to purchase your supplements at the comfort of your home or office, then online stores are more your thing. Here is a look at some amazing online outlets [5] from which you can purchase VigRx Plus.

1UP Nutrition

1UP Nutrition offers a wide range of health content, transformational challenges, and educational materials. Most importantly, though, you will find wide-ranging supplements in stock. All important information regarding each supplement is publicly displayed in line with the store’s transparency and openness policies. Feel free to head over to the Q&A section for some useful info.

A1 Supplements

A1 Supplements is a website that gives customers access to numerous supplements. The store has relatively pocket-friendly prices to back up the wide selection of products. It also gives one the chance to interact with other supplement users if one ever needs to.


This list wouldn’t have been complete without this online retail giant. Feel free to order your VigRx Plus supplies from Amazon anytime. Additionally, you can get the added benefits of being an Amazon Prime member, such as huge savings, free delivery, and Prime-exclusive deals.


This site has an extensive product list and has a regularly updated chart that outlines the top-selling supplements in three categories. You can also interact with professionals to help you make decisions regarding the supplements you purchase.


eVitamins stocks over 25,00 products from more than 800 manufacturers. The online store guarantees the quality of all products in stock and even provides free shipping for some. Additionally, customers can often win rewards when they share their rewards codes.


We mentioned this one on the list of reputable physical stores to purchase your supplements from. Unsurprisingly, the store’s online platform is also among the best in that category. You can even have the company’s experts help you in making usage and purchase decisions according to your wellness and health objectives.


The iHerb store has more than 30,000 products, all branded. One of the unique features of this online store is the immense eco-friendly initiatives it supports. By purchasing from iHerb, you are essentially supporting these initiatives.


The LuckyVitamin online store is home to numerous natural supplements that will help you in your journey to better health. The store’s prices are also quite pocket-friendly, an attribute further compounded by the store’s amazing customer service. You can also follow the store’s blog that covers a wide range of health-related topics.

My Supplement Store

While this one primarily deals with bodybuilding supplements, you can find a few more variations. The store’s customer care service is always available, making it quite attractive for the customer to whom customer care ranks among the top factors on the priority list.


This online store has numerous products targeted at people from different genders, lifestyles, age groups, and preferences. You will find gluten-free, vegan, and numerous other supplement types. Additionally, the online store has a goal selector that helps customers get products that align with their overall wellness objectives.

Supplement Warehouse

You can find virtually any supplement type in this warehouse. Even more, feel free to check out their recommended top 50 supplements for a glance at the best products. The site also has a live chat interface through which customers can ask for help or additional information.

The Vitamin Shoppe

As mentioned earlier, among the top physical stores, The Vitamin Shoppe also has an online purchase platform that also ranks among the top ones. The store has a wide range of supplements backed up by a seamless shopping experience. Customers who regularly shop here also earn points that can be redeemed for an end-of-year gift. If you do not like the browser-based shopping experience, you have the option of downloading the store’s smartphone app.


Thorne has an amazing team of human health experts that will help you find exactly what your body needs. Additionally, the store allows at-home tests for numerous supplements. Besides the products, Thorne is renowned for its extensive collection of health-related information in the form of articles and videos made by health experts.


Vitacost stocks eco-friendly, organic, and natural supplements. Additionally, the store has a whole lot of useful information on the site. Regular customers can also take advantage of the numerous discounts, coupons, and deals that frequently happen.


Contrary to what the name suggests, VitaminWorld deals in much more than vitamins. You can find virtually all types of supplements in this online store. The store is known for its strict quality guidelines that demand all products to be tested for efficiency and purity. You can engage the customer care’s live chat or sort your products using the goal selector.


By now, you have probably noticed that a significant number of outlets that made it to the physical store list are also on the online stores’ list. Walgreens has a simple online platform that allows customers to order supplements and other wellness products right from the comfort of their homes. You can also join the company’s rewards program if you choose Walgreens as your online store of choice.


Like the physical store list, this one wouldn’t have been complete without a mention of Walmart. The online store has thousands of health-related products, supplements included. Unlike some smaller stores, you have access to numerous customer reviews on the Walmart store, a factor that helps one make more informed purchase decisions.

Before You Buy

Here are some things you should know about VigRx Plus before making the purchase decision.

  • Enhances libido: The ingredient list on this supplement contains some amazing herbs and products shown to play a great role in the enhancement of male libido.
  • Testosterone production: Again, due to the active ingredients, VigRx Plus could result in immense benefits related to testosterone production.
  • Less stress and harder erections: VigRx Plus is said to improve a man’s erection quality and, even better, help relieve stress. When you are in a relaxed mood, you are more likely to have better sexual function.
  • Cost: The manufacturer has five pricing packages. A one-month package will cost you $69, a two-month package $129, a three-month package at $179, a six-month at $329, and the full-year package will cost you $589. The last two come with gift items worth over $200 each.
  • Refund Policy: You can return [6] your VigRx Plus tablets any time before two months elapse. All you need to do is send the used containers back alongside any unused or unopened ones.


VigRx is undoubtedly one of the most interesting male supplements out there. While most products have questionable ingredients and effectiveness, VigRx Plus has numerous natural ingredients, making it an amazing product. Feel free to purchase the supplement from any of the physical or online stores outlined in this guide.


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