10 Essential Oils to apply to help with erectile dysfunction (ED)

Essential oils have existed for many decades and have been used for different reasons. The use of these oils for sex is not new. They boost mood, intimacy and even help with erectile difficulties. It is normal for human adults to desire and enjoy a vibrant sex life, but this is not always possible because of conditions such as low libido and problems with erection in men. If these conditions affect you, do not give up on your love life. Some natural therapies like natural essential oils can help with these problems. All you need to do is discuss your challenges with your partner and support each other in finding suitable solutions.

Essential Oils for Sex Drive

Essential oils offer herbal healing power and typically come in concentrated form so that you can reap the full benefits from each drop. These powerful oils have aromatic properties that affect the brain and cause the body to relax. They also evoke erotic feelings and make the body open to sexual pleasure hence they are used in dealing with low libido and erectile difficulties. Which essential oils should you use for improved sex life? Read on to discover the top 10 essential oils to help [1] with erectile issues and low libido.

Clary sage

Most people who understand a bit of aromatherapy use Clary Sage oil to improve their mind’s clarity and vision. What they do not realize is that it improves their sex life. This essential oil affects the body’s hormonal system. Usually, hormonal imbalances cause low libido. When you use Clary Sage oil, your hormonal system is corrected. The oil elevates moods and reduces depression which in turn improves sex life. Clary Sage oil has a very deep and sweet yet nutty aroma that calms the human body. It relieves stress and anxiety, which are known for inhibiting sexual desire.

Rose essential oil

Every Valentine’s Day, lovers give each other bouquets of roses without thinking much about it. Some people do not know that rose essential oil exists! If you are one of them, you should know that rose essential oil is powerful in dealing with low libido. Roses have a pleasant scent, and so does rose oil, whose smell can be described as romantic and sensual.

Rose oil relieves depression and helps the body to relax [2]. It also evokes feelings of self-confidence and happiness that are critical in sensuality. In men, this essential oil promotes testosterone and sperm production. In addition to the benefits mentioned above, rose essential oil supports the circulatory system. It enhances blood flow to the genitals for sex and promotes the release of happy hormones that make intimacy more enjoyable.


Lavender essential oil is known in many parts of the world, and most people use it for health purposes. It has a calming and relaxing effect, so many people use it to relieve anxiety and depression. Recent studies suggest that inhaling lavender oil increases penile blood flow [3], and thereby effectively helping with erectile issues and low libido.


In aromatherapy, sandalwood essential oil is associated with sacred devotion. People use this oil for emotional balance and supporting bones, muscles, and the nervous system. The oil has a calming effect and also increases emotional openness. When the body is relaxed and peaceful, it is ready for physical sensuality, so sandalwood oil is used to enhance sex drive. If used frequently, it can rekindle the steamy romance you once enjoyed with your partner.

Ylang ylang

Ylang ylang essential oil is very powerful and has been used for decades to improve libido and resolve erectile difficulties. It is also used to manage depression, anxiety, and frigidity. Its euphoric properties enhance self-esteem and overall sense of well-being. The oil also promotes emotional balance and positively impacts the hormonal, circulatory, and cardiovascular systems. Overall, this essential oil is used as an aphrodisiac because it improves sexual energy. The oil makes the body more erotic and sensual, leading to a better lovemaking experience.


Carpolobia is a herb [4] commonly used to boost libido, especially in West and Central African communities. There are at least 14 species of Carpolobia. The stems of this herbal plant are used to make chewing sticks for men and then chewed before sex to enhance sexual performance. Its leaves are also used to make the Carpolobia essential oil. This oil helps with male infertility and boosts libido by inducing penile erection and male virility.

Although Carpolobia essential oil is mainly made of the Carpolobia leaves containing several terpenoids, the roots can also be used to extract the oil. The roots contain triterpenoid saponins and polyphenols that are instrumental in sexual performance and treatment of other conditions. Some of the other medical conditions that can be managed using Carpolobia essential oil are fever, skin infections, rheumatism, pains, and stomach illnesses. Researchers agree that more studies on the Carpolobia herb are needed to create a scientific understanding of how this herb boosts sexual performance.

Casimiroa edulis

Scientific research on Casimiroa edulis essential oil suggests that it enhances sexual performance in males. The Casimiroa edulis plant is also known as white sapote, and its oil is potent. In a study, the white sapote essential oil was given to male laboratory rats and the oil increased their sexual activity and ejaculations. Today, Casimiroa edulis oil is used in many Central American and Asian communities as an aphrodisiac.

Eurycoma longifolia

Eurycoma longifolia is [5] also known as Akar Pasak Bumi, Tongkat Ali, Ali’s Umbrella, or Ali’s Walking Stick. This plant is mainly grown in Southeast Asia and is a slender shrub tree and evergreen. Its bark and root help with erectile difficulties in males and increase sexual desire in other healthy people. It is also used to help with male infertility. There are indications that the chemicals in this plant cause the production of testosterone in human males.

Eurycoma longifolia essential oil is extracted from the bark and root of this plant. In Malaysia, Ali’s Umbrella essential oil is widely recognized as a powerful aphrodisiac. The aphrodisiac benefits of this oil require more scientific research to understand its mechanism of action better.

Fadogia agrestis

Fadogia agrestis [6] is a native Nigerian plant that is commonly used as an aphrodisiac. Its stem is mainly used to make medicine, including Fadogia agrestis essential oil. It is used to treat erectile difficulties and impotence in human males and improve sex drive. Besides, it is used to support bodybuilding, enhance athletic performance, and treat malaria.

How does this essential oil work? Research indicates that the plant contains chemicals that increase testosterone production, thus increasing sexual behaviors. Laboratory research using male rats established that the plant reduces the speed at which male rats ejaculated, increased their testosterone levels, and increased their testes’ size.

Lepidium meyenii

Lepidium meyenii [7] is the scientific name of the maca plant or Peruvian ginseng that is mainly grown in Central Peru. The plant is a cruciferous vegetable, and it has numerous culinary and medicinal uses. The root of the maca plant is the main edible plant. Usually, the root is dried and ground, and sold in powder form. It can also be used to make maca essential oil.

The oil is used as an aphrodisiac by both men and women. However, it has additional benefits in the sexual life of men. It is used to enhance male fertility by improving sperm quality, quantity, and motility. The scientific model of action for this essential oil requires more research.

How to Use Essential Oils as an Aphrodisiac

After identifying the essential oils to use an aphrodisiac, you should think about the best way to use them. There are various safe ways in which you can use these oils. Choose one that works best for you. If one way does not work very well for you, feel free to try an alternative method.

Application on the Skin

Numerous people apply essential oils directly to the skin. These oils are either absorbed by the body or inhaled for their aphrodisiac effect to be felt. It is crucial to note that concentrated essential oils can cause skin irritation and unwanted reactions. This is avoided by adding the essential oils to a carrier oil, such as coconut oil. We must caution you never to apply essential oils to your genital area, even if they are diluted with carrier oils.

If you want to go the extra mile, you and your partner can give each other massages using diluted essential oils. Giving massages is a fantastic way to make your partner feel special and is a strong aphrodisiac on its own because it helps to prepare for intimacy. The touch causes increased production of social hormones and other hormones such as serotonin that make the moment more enjoyable. It also boosts blood flow and activates muscle systems. When you use diluted essential oils for massage, you release the oil’s scent, contributing to better intimacy.

Essential Oil Baths

Another way to use essential oils as an aphrodisiac is by adding the oils to your bath. To do this, fill your bathtub with warm water as you would normally, add an ounce of your preferred carrier oil and 12 drops of the essential oil. Ensure you stir the mixture in the tub gently using your fingers. Doing this will disperse the oil in the water and also diffuse its scent in the air. Once the bath is ready, sit in the tub and enjoy the bath, making sure not to get the water into the mouth, nose, or eyes.

If you do not enjoy immersing your whole body in a tub of water, you can immerse part of your body, for example, the feet only. Essential oil baths will lift your mood besides improving intimacy with your loved one.

An alternative to an oil bath is a hot or cold water compress. To do this:

  1. Take a bowl and add some cold or hot water to it. If you choose hot water, it should feel hot to the touch but not scalding hot.
  2. Add some carrier oil and a few drops of essential oil into the water and gently stir the mixture.
    Take a towel and soak it in the water.
  3. Wring the excess water, fold the towel into a square, and apply it on the lower back or abdomen.
  4. Hold the towel to the skin for about 20 minutes at a time.
  5. Repeat steps 3 to 5 severally.

Use a Diffuser

Diffusers are easy to use in the house. You can use one to fill your room with the aroma of your preferred essential oil. When you go shopping for a diffuser, you will realize that there are different types. Some diffusers contain a small machine or candle-lit device that you use to warm the oil gently so that the aroma can diffuse into the air. Others resemble oil stocks, meaning they have a mechanism to disperse the essential oil into the room.

Why should you use a diffuser? You should use one if you do not want to apply essential oils to your skin. However, if you use a diffuser, be cautious if you live in a household with pets, children, or pregnant women, as the oils may irritate them.

Side Effects and Precautions

Using essential oils to boost libido or help with erectile difficulties requires some caution. There are a few must-follow rules you should adhere to when using these oils.

  • Never ingest essential oils because they are not safe for human consumption. They can cause adverse reactions if consumed orally.
  • Always dilute essential oils before use. Essential oils come in a concentrated form, so you should always dilute them with a carrier oil to prevent skin irritation.
  • Never apply essential oils near or on your genitals, nose, mouth, nose, ears, or eyes. These body parts are sensitive, and the oils could cause unwanted irritation or reaction.
  • Use essential oils only after consulting with your doctor. The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not regulate essential oils, so it is your responsibility to use them with caution.

One of the possible side effects of essential oils is allergic reactions in some people. If you have allergies, it is your responsibility to read the labels on the essential oils to ascertain they do not contain ingredients that cause you allergic reactions. You should also not purchase oils made from plants you are allergic to. If you use essential oil and it causes any reaction, such as redness of the skin or stinging, stop using it immediately and rinse the affected area with water.


Low libido and erectile difficulties affect many Americans but should not cause anyone shame. If you are affected by either of the two conditions, there is hope because several solutions exist. There are clinically proven virility supplements such as VigRx Plus to help you with your condition. You can use these supplements together with essential oils to improve your love life. Many essential oils help with this condition, but we have explored the 10 best ones so that you can choose your favorite. We hope that the oils will boost your mood and make your intimate time with your loved one more memorable and satisfying.


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