BioPerine – A Nutrient Booster

Maybe the name BioPerine doesn’t sound so familiar but how about black pepper?

Black pepper contains piperine, trademarked as BioPerine, an active ingredient that accounts for the characteristic kick and spice.

BioPerine can serve as a highly effective nutrient booster for many ingredients used in male supplements, including those found in VigRX Plus. Put simply, you’ll get more effects from them thanks to the magic of black pepper (go here for more ingredients breakdown).

We’ll look today, then, at 6 key benefits of BioPerine kicking off with the way it helps your body to get the very most out of other key ingredients…

6 Potential Benefits of BioPerine

  1. Bioenhancement For Nutrient Absorption
  2. *Raise Levels of Serotonin and Dopamine
  3. *Boost Immune System
  4. *Improved Cognition
  5. *Strengthen Memory
  6. *Optimizes Metabolism

1) Bioenhancement For Nutrient Absorption

The core use of BioPerine is to *increase bioavailability of other nutrients [1]. This process is often called bioenhancement but what actually takes place?

During the digestive process, thermogenesis[2] is the heat production that occurs as a by-product. BioPerine could give your body more thermal energy, and it’s this energy which powers thermogenesis. As a result, the body cries out for more nutrients which serves to *increase metabolism. Rather than your body turning down those nutrients it doesn’t think it needs, instead, your body calls for more.

Many of the ingredients used in male enhancement supplements like turmeric and curcumin come with an inbuilt problem…

Your body is only able to absorb a fraction of what you take on board. The same applies to vitamins A, B6 and C along with selenium and beta-carotene. Throw BioPerine into the mix and this all changes.


BioPerine is most certainly a proven method of absorbing more of the other nutrients in supplements but how else does it come in handy?

Well, BioPerine can help out in the mind as well as with bioavailability…

2) *Raises Levels of Serotonin and Dopamine

Some initial research has shown that BioPerine might be useful for *raising levels of serotonin and dopamine, sometimes referred to as the feel good chemicals in the brain.

Since these areas of the brain are instrumental in the reward process, you might end up with a shot of positivity thanks to little more than a property of black pepper.

While this might not be the intended or primary benefit of BioPerine, who’s going to turn down feeling a little happier and perkier?

Overall body health can receive a wake-up call, too…

3) *Boosts Immune System

If your body is attacked and your immune system is not firing on all cylinders, there’s every chance your body will overreact creating more problems than it hoped to solve.

BioPerine could help *regulate the immune system by helping to *reduce inflammation and *attenuating immune system responses to lessen the chance of this kind of overreaction.

This was demonstrated in a 2010 study, although more research is required.

4) *Improves Cognition

BioPerine could help with mental function in a number of important ways.

The qualities of piperine can help with memory, focus and even motivation.

More human studies are required to add weight to these claims but anecdotal evidence is strong and you might notice yourself feeling slightly and inexplicably sharper when you’re consuming BioPerine as part of your supplementation routine.

Some users have claimed an *improvement in stress levels after using BioPerine. Again, more scientific proof is needed here to flesh out such claims.

5) *Strengthens Memory

BioPerine could *enhance the neurotransmission of certain chemicals in much the same way it *increases bioavailability.

Two of these chemicals – serotonin and beta-endorphin – play a pivotal role in memory.

While this is again not proven, there’s promise that BioPerine could help your brain to produce more of these chemicals leading to superior memory performance.

6) *Optimizes Metabolism

As we mentioned up above, BioPerine *increases thermogenesis to potentially *improve nutrient absorption. During this process your fat cells are torched to *raise your internal temperature.

While BioPerine can sometimes help to get your metabolism running more efficiently, the effect will probably be too slight for it to become an effective weight loss tool. You might, though, feel a little more energized as a result.

What To Do Next

If you’re looking for a little extra help in the bedroom, why not check out VigRX Plus? Packed with bioperine, you’ll enjoy the full benefit from the other ingredients in this powerful formula thanks to the properties of black pepper.


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